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There are no more 2016 events scheduled at Music Hall due to renovations. 
If we are able to do additional tours as the renovations move forward we will post the information. 
Thank you!

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Arnoff Center
650 Walnut St
Cincinnati  OH

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Cincinnati Research & Paranormal Studies (CR&PS) was founded in November 2005 by a group of friends who discovered that they shared an interest in the paranormal. Since then, members of the CR&PS team has traveled to over 15 states to investigate many haunted locales, including Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Lemp Mansion, the former West Virginia Penitentiary, Gettysburg, Sloss Furnace and several private residences and businesses.

CR&PS is dedicated to investigating, documenting, and researching claims of the paranormal. We are willing to investigate any unexplained phenomena in private residences, businesses, historical sites - including outdoor locations.

Our mission is to capture physical evidence through the use of audio, video, photography, and other additional data-measuring/recording equipment in order to explain, disprove or validate reports of paranormal activity. CR&PS strives to help homeowners and their families who want validation for the activity occurring within their homes. Our team of paranormal researchers promises to conduct a thorough and professional investigation. We respect the client's privacy and do not post or publicize results of residential investigations without the homeowner's express consent. Copies of any and all audio, video, and photography from an investigation are available to the homeowner or business owner. We do not charge for any investigation.

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