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Haunted Travels

Thinking about taking a haunted road trip?  Not quite sure where to go?  Well, we've got some suggestions for you and we've rated them for you.

Locations being added weekly!!! 

Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville LA
Located 2 hours north of New Orleans, this restored plantation house turned bed and breakfast is a nice respite after the party atmosphere of the French Quarter.  The friendly staff offers house tours for a reasonable fee several times a day for those who do not wish to spend the night... or you can book of one of the reportedly haunted bedrooms for the night (the house tour is included in your room rate).  The rooms are comfortable and most are reported to have unseen residents.  Beyond the tour, access to the house is limited based upon the room you've rented. 
If you are not up for investigating the paranormal, you are always free to explore the lovely grounds and relax in rocking chairs on the porch.  It's a great way to relax before investigating, too.  Be sure to visit the excellent restaurant on the property.  We had the best meal of our Louisiana trip at this restaurant!
Though we did not capture any evidence on this trip, we're anxious to go back.  You never know who or what will show up! 
If you go, do some research before hand so you're able to separate fact from legend.

Happy hunting!
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