About Us

Judy Knuckles


I have had a life long interest in the paranormal and earth bound spirits since, as a small child,  I lived in a house that had ghosts.  The spirits who were there were accepted and I was never afraid of them.  This interest has continued throughout my adult life.  I believe that spirits are all around us just on another plane of existence.  We started this journey over five years ago and I couldn't have picked a better group of people with whom to share these experiences.  We continue to learn and grow with every investigation.   My goal on  investigations is to validate the experiences of the homeowners and gather evidence of paranormal events.                      

John Bartos


I became interested in the other side when I was growing up. I was brought up in a strong religious family. I often wondered where we went and what happens when we perish, as everyone does. For me I always wanted answers, are there spirits among us, what are they trying to say. My curiosity for the spirit world was peaked when I and a group of friends attended a ghost investigation at Mansfield Reformatory. I mainly attended the investigation because of the history of the building and the fact that it was the site where “The Shawshank Redemption,” one of my favorite movies, was filmed. I have always been somewhat of an urban explorer, investigating urban legends and myths, but this was the best of both worlds. In the span of 12 years of investigating the paranormal I have learned a great deal about myself and the art of paranormal research. I have also learned a great deal of history from all of the historic places that we have investigated like Moundsville Pen and Waverly Hills. I am so blessed to have such a great group that we are part of the history of our own Music Hall in Cincinnati, we were the first group ever allowed in to investigate. That is one of many great accomplishments our groups has had in its existence. I am looking to many more great learning experiences and good times with my spirit loving friends.

Jen Bartos


I first got interested in the paranormal while in high school. My grandfather had lived with us for 7 years before he passed away when I was 14. After he passed away, I would every once in a while still get a whiff of what smelled like his pipe smoke (no one else in the house smoked at all and grandpa hadn't even smoked for several years before his death). Grandpa was also notorious for turning up the temperature in the house and after his death, the thermostat would still be turned up sometimes. Everyone in the house would swear that they hadn't touched it. After reading several articles & books on ghosts, I came to my own conclusion that the smell of pipe smoke was grandpa trying to communicate with us or at least letting us know that he was still around. I also had a friend whose house had some paranormal activity. I would always see things moving in the upstairs hallway out of the corner of my eye. A couple other friends also experienced unexplained things in her house. As one of the original members of CR&PS, I have tried to work on opening up my "senses" during investigations but at the same time collecting video & audio evidence to back up my own personal experiences. I am an investigator with the CR&PS team but seem to specialize in the collection & analysis of audio (EVP) evidence. I also work with my husband, John Bartos, on the video summaries of each investigation and assist him with editing these videos.

Kevyn Klein


 I have been interested in the unusual and unexplained since I was young. I am not ashamed to admit that my interest in paranormal investigating was piqued by MTV’s Fear, the Family Channel’s Scariest Places on Earth, and, of course, Ghost Hunters. I like to use whatever resources I can - be it the internet, books, or paranormal TV shows - to learn about the latest gadgets, investigation techniques, and paranormal hot spots. There is always something new. I also enjoy learning the history of each location we investigate, separating the facts from the legends, and finding a correlation between the reported hauntings and the history.

Sheila Klein


I first became interested in the paranormal and the idea of spirits among us when I was 12 years old. I read a book about children who had died in a fire and came back in search of help. The book touched on the theory of spherical time and alternate planes of existence. I was fascinated!  Fast forward 15 years. At the age of 27, I was hospitalized for several months for what turned out to be a traumatic illness. The experience left me with a different outlook on life. After I recovered, my father told me of an experience he had at the hospital during one of my worse days there. After leaving my room, he apparently was stopped by an invisible force. My dad is not one to put much stock in such things, so I have to believe that something happened for him to have told me about it.  A few years ago, I lost both of my pet cats. They had been like children to me and had a good, long life. Shortly after they passed, I felt what seemed like cat feet walking on the bed at night. This continued occasionally until I adopted another pair of cats. I haven’t decided if my little old ladies knew how much I missed them or if I imagined the footsteps on the bed.  We’ve all experienced loss in our lives, whether it’s a family member, friend, or cherished pet who as passed on, and wish we could receive a sign from those loved ones that they are okay and, maybe, watching over us. Perhaps that explains the popularity of the many TV shows today dealing with life-after-death, spirit communication, haunted places, and ghost-hunting. These shows give the average person confidence to share their experiences, have inspired those interested in looking deeper, and offer suggested tools to do so.  Unfortunately, the tools and methods shown are not always to be believed nor is the evidence presented. It is our responsibility as viewers and as investigators to look for logical explanations for what we encounter and make note of what defies explanation. In doing so, hopefully we’ll find some truth.  As a member of CR&PS, I hope to find evidence that there is more to this world that what we see every day, that those who have gone before us are not truly gone. If we can help someone find peace through our research, we’ve done well.

Adam Duderstadt


Like many of the current members of the team, the first investigation I attended was the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield. Admittedly, my main motivation for visiting Mansfield was to see the prison that was in The Shawshank Redemption. However, I became intrigued at the possibility of observing unexplained phenomenon. And while I has not yet been able to capture first-hand evidence of a ghost, I remains hopeful given the success of the other team members.

Terri Wilson


I am a curious soul and who loves solving a good mystery - which lends itself very nicely when investigating the paranormal. I believe that most anything is possible. I am determined and tenacious when researching both the history and the corroborating evidence to validate any findings. Bill & I look forward to every investigation, learning something new every time and enjoying the companionship of our crew. Shakespeare put it very well -- "There are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your imagination."

Bill Berry


I'm originally from Akron, Ohio.  I have had an interest in 'ghosts', or the paranormal, from a very young age, with and early interest in ghost and monster stories (AKA late night movies, radio drama, and fireside stories at camp). Most early experiences came from working in the theatre - which was a common thing, as the theatre is a place of such high emotional energies, so many theatres report 'ghostly' activities. My recent interest has come from hanging with my girlfriend Terri and her circle of friends - many who are members if the CR&PS team. I looks forward to continuing his research, not only in the paranormal, but also the history that surrounds the many locations that the CR&PS team visits!

Ruth Preston


I’ve been interested in the paranormal and unexplained since I was in elementary school. I spent many hours reading books about ghosts, witches and virtually anything I could find by author Hans Holtzer. I was obsessed with Night Gallery and Dark Shadows, and every Saturday night I watched the overnight local Creature Feature marathons. As I got older, I started seeking out abandoned, run-down, derelict, reputedly "haunted" locations wherever I lived. The first place I went looking for was the Amityville House in Long Island – I made my husband drive around for hours before finally finding it (they changed the original street address to head-off people like me). On my own, I continued to go to every place I could: Alcatraz, Winchester Mystery House, the Stanley Hotel and New Orleans for Bloody Mary’s tour and the cemeteries; other than a few odd pictures here and there, nothing really came of my excursions. A couple of years ago, during a company Christmas party, Sheila mentioned that her ghost hunting group was heading to Waverly Hills Sanatorium in the spring. Of course, I was very keen to join in and that became my first trip with the CR&PS Team. I tend to be a bit skeptical by nature, so I walked into that building with relaxed nonchalance that quickly changed into bone-chilling fear. From the minute I walked in, I felt like I wanted to run – I saw and heard things that night that I just can’t explain. From that moment, I was hooked and eagerly joined in on any excursion with the team that came my way. At the end of last summer, I became an official CR&PS team member.

Cheryl Morgan


I got interested in the paranormal as a small child. My cousin, whom my family was very close with, was murdered when he was 14 years. He was very close to my older sister (they were both 14 years of age and I was 7 years old). His death hit the whole family very hard, and I remembered knowing that his energy had moved on, but wondering why I knew. I also wondered if he had not gone, where did his energy go. There had to more than just what I was told in church. I began questioning my faith as a young child, and reading books on the paranormal or watching shows on the paranormal. Since his death, I believe Timothy has become my guardian in the spirit world. When things very bad are about to happen, I have dreams where he visits me, and when I awake I have a feeling that is really indescribable. He comes to warn me. I have come to trust that feeling and my dreams.  Now I seek to find the truth about all the stories I have either read or seen. I really believe energies can become stuck between worlds or dimensions if you want to call them that. I believe there is more out there than what we can physical see and touch. I also believe that those who have been forgotten need a voice to tell their story.  I love to learn the history behind the paranormal. Every story has a beginning and end, and I like to learn about the stories or folklore that we hear. I hope one day I can help someone find their own story.